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With the Church mobilizing believers to walk every street, pray in every neighborhood, and hand deliver the Gospel of Jesus to every home and family,

a Fire of Revival would come to the First Coast!

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An opportunity for a unified movement of long-term, sustainable follow-up

If 10-15 churches covenanted together in every zip code and adopted 1000-2000 homes each, the First Coast Church could have every neighborhood covered in a first wave with both Gospel and Prayer Saturation.

In September, each church’s saturate teams can take the census block maps and free materials provided by Saturate USA, including each church’s own personalized information, and saturate their area in just one afternoon.

As a result, the First Coast Church would have the infrastructure in place for long-term, sustainable follow-up strategies in those 1000-2000 areas where valuable relationships can be developed, including the First Coast Prayer Coalition teams moving towards covering those particular neighborhoods and strategies.

Therefore, a First Coast Pastors Advisory Council has been created allowing pastors to work together and take ownership of this movement, while developing unifying neighborhood-reaching strategies as one unified Church.

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