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Powerful Opportunities for Saturation Preparation

SWARM Gospel Training

A number of our churches are participating in Saturate this September. In conjunction with this evangelistic effort, we are providing SWARM Gospel Conversations Training to enable persons delivering packets in neighborhoods to start gospel conversations with people they encounter.

Prayer Training

Our mission is to facilitate a unifying movement that demonstrates God’s love for the city so that we can see our vision realized: to reach every heart and home with a demonstration of the transforming power of the gospel.

Gospel Training

#NoPlaceLeft is a movement of movements aimed at getting to no place left where Christ is not made known in our generation. We do this by reproducing disciples, churches, & leaders with every people group, ethnicity, & segment among the lost until there is no place left.

Continued Saturation

Long-Term Strategy Planning for Saturate First Coast

Saturate is the perfect catalyst to launching or relaunching long-term ministry in your communities. Discover how your church can have a long-term impact long after all the bags are passed out.

Strategize Follow-up with your Zip Code Church Partners

Neighborhood Map Cluster Analysis

Saturate USA will be sending free zip code neighborhood maps, divided into census blocks, to every church who has signed up to adopt their zip code alongside other churches.

All First Coast Participating Churches who adopt zip codes can receive free customized reports of First Coast neighborhoods in that detail where your current congregation may be a part of that community – known as a Cluster Analysis.  This would be strategic in using with your other zip code partners to develop your follow-up strategies.

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