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Nassau – Duval – St. Johns – Clay Counties

Saturate USA has come to the Northeast Florida, and the First Coast Church has the opportunity to come together in a catalytic, unified John 17 movement to reach every home with the Gospel!


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56 Zip Codes

605,105 Households

Nassau County

5 Zip Codes
32,696 Households

Duval County

33 Zip Codes
389,887 Households

St. Johns County

10 Zip Codes
97,363 Households


8 Zip Codes
97,363 Households
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What would it look like if…

10-15 churches worked together in every zip code throughout the First Coast to:

1) Adopt their zip code in a John 17 strategy of unity

2) Shepherd 1000-2000 homes for Prayer & Gospel saturation

3) Mobilize believers to hand deliver free Gospel materials to every home

4) Develop follow-up strategies to visit and develop relationships with every family within their 1000-2000 scope

Every neighborhood in the First Coast would be covered in Prayer and Gospel saturation!

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Saturate USA…

is a God-sized vision that seeks to take the love of the Gospel to every home and family in the United States with the goal to help the church ignite revival in this country.

The process is simple. First Coast churches can sign up locally at, receive free materials, mobilize your volunteers, then assemble the Saturation Packs with Jesus Film DVD’s, creative tracts & your church’s information, and then on September 7th go into communities to distribute to homes!

The Saturation process is simple!

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Simply adopt a zip code at Partner with other churches in your zip code to saturate every home with the Gospel!
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Saturate USA will provide and deliver all materials FREE of charge. Saturation Packs include: Door hangers, multi-language Jesus Film DVD’s, gospel tracts and adopted area maps.
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Assemble your Saturation Packs which include the door hangers, DVD’s, gospel tracts…plus, add your own personalized information or a brochure about your church.
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Go out as an individual or as a group and deliver Saturation Packs to your entire adopted area. What can be better than: spreading the love of God, growing your church and meeting new neighbors? Once you complete your maps, simply email and report from the instructions on your map!

Just think…

In Duval County for example, 32208 has about 14,000 households.

If 7 churches covenanted together to adopt that zip code, they could each take responsibility for about 2000 homes.

Saturate USA has found that 1 team (of 1 or 2 people) could saturate 50 homes in 1 hour. That means a church with 20 teams could saturate their 2000 homes in about 2 hours…meaning these 7 churches could completely saturate their zip code in just 2 hours!

If all 54 zip codes in the First Coast has this same strategy, the entire First Coast could be saturated with the Gospel in just one weekend!

Let’s do this!