Saturating our Neighborhoods….Saturating our Schools!

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Love Boldly Week

Many of the more than 300 Faith-Based partners (local church/public school partnerships) in Jacksonville will be joining together for a week of service on every school campus in the city. In response to communicated needs by EVERY DCPS Principal of EVERY DCPS School, local church communities, along with other community stakeholders will show up and be the Blessing of God throughout the entire city.

All the local churches working as one Church so that no school is left without blessings. This is in addition to what those faith based partnerships are already dosing on our school campuses across the city, week in and week out.

Every day during the calendar school year…128-thousand of our city’s children attend over 180 public school campuses… served by over 8,000 teachers, administration, faculty and an accompanying number of Principals.  These schools, strategically positioned throughout the city, are in virtually every single neighborhood… anchoring our communities as much as our churches do.

This year, during the first week of August – the week before school starts, we invite you to join Transformation Jacksonville in its partnering with Duval County Public Schools in our very first…. Love Boldly Week.

An effort has begun to gather specific needs from each school principal at every campus across the city. Transformation Jacksonville will post these needs and make them available to every Faith Based partner, local church and community stakeholder willing and wanting to work together to Love Boldly.

Love? –Because that’s what the Church is commanded to do. And isn’t love what we are to be known for?

Boldly? – Because we are the Bold New City of the South.

For one full week, join thousands of volunteers in a city-wide effort to love boldly through activities that will love our schools to life. The week before school starts is strategically selected to bless each school at a significantly stressful time…giving the most good when there is the most need.

But this boldness will require a missional unity to love as one Church in Jacksonville.

Love Boldly Week …..Letting our light shine… together. Join us…August 5th through the 11th. Learn more at

Join the Movement at