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No Place Left Training



Contact Victor Barousse for details.


Get your first or repeat training. Come help lead others into the harvest!

No Place Left is a movement of movements committed to preaching the Good News and making disciples all over the planet.  See

We are excited about the unprecedented things God is doing in the First Coast Saturate initiative.  With more than 200 churches participating, and multiple congregations adopting each zip code, we have opportunity to not just distribute Gospel materials to every household in the First Coast, but to bring real transformation by motivating and equipping God’s people to get into the community through street level intercession, Gospel sharing and making disciples.

Most believers don’t share their faith because they don’t feel adequate or simple don’t know how to do so in an effective manner.  No Place Left practitioners would like to partner with your church or zip code area.  We can help train your teams to ‘cast the nets’ effectively, and provide tools so that those Gospel nets do not break!  To use another illustration of Jesus, that you can gather all the grain to into the barn!

We offer Gospel Conversation Training, in 2 – 4 and 8 hour formats.  The full 8 hour training covers prayer walking, approach strategies, praying for needs, a 15 second testimony, a powerful gospel tool called the 3 Circles and a follow up tool called 411.  No materials are needed except paper and a pen or pencil!  The training includes one hour in the harvest and concludes with an encouraging debrief session.

Our team will bring the training to you.  Just register below and we’ll contact you about optimal time and date for your church or zip code area!

We exist to:

Help spread the Gospel to all People
Train disciple-making disciples
Equip disciple-making leaders
Send people globally

Our Goals:

BUILD a network of disciple making leaders
GO wherever the Lord Jesus sends us
HELP the church be obedient to the Great Commission
Remain faithful to Gospel and Kingdom values

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What is No Place Left?

No Place Left is a movement of movements aimed at getting to no place where Christ is not made known in our generation.  We do this with every people group, ethnicity, and segment by reproducing disciples, churches and leaders among the lost until there is no place left.  Romans 15:23

Who is No Place Left?

No Place Left is a global, relational coalition of disciples and churches who love the Lord, love the lost, and make disciples among all nations until the Great Commission is complete. Our only leader is the Holy Spirit. We do not have a staff, a budget, or a headquarters. There is no membership.

Does your church believe that discipleship is the number one task commanded to us?  If yes. you are not alone according to Barna Research.  The majority of churches feel this way.  Only 1% of churches say we do this well.

Would your church like to learn how to practically and simply learn how to help your people become disciples that make disciples? Disciple-making leaders? Becoming a sending church? WE CAN HELP!

Contact us to schedule a meeting or training:

Dr. Jeff Crick: 954-465-4886
Pastor Victor Barousee: 813-481-5556
Pastor Clay Hamrick: 904-536-8197
Mark Baxter: 904-992-2733